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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  September 5, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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if you work hard and do what you're supposed to do, you should able to build a decent life for yourself and your kids and grandkids. >> first lady michelle obama make ago pitch for her husband at the democratic national convention. i'm sarah simmons jie. a wisdom martin. >> guess what time it is.
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>> talk with tucker. >> good morning. -- i'm wisdom martin. >> let's get started with a look at our rod arrest. it is warm and humid outside. we'll top out in the 80s this afternoon. we have a few showers out in western maryland this morning. we'll track those. that is actually associated with a cool front, not avery strong one. i think later tonight, the air will cool off a little bit and start to dry out. improvement is on the way. we do have some relief in sight. we do have more details including the all important seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. >> it is day two of the democratic national convention. vice president joe biden and former president bill clinton are the head line speakers. >> last night, first lady
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michelle obama and a rising star in the party had key speeches. we have a report. >> reporter: every day, the people i meet inspire me. every day, they make me proud. every day, they remind me how blessed we are to live in the greatest nation on earth. >> reporter: the first lady also appealed to middle class families saying her husband understand their struggle. >> barack and i were both raised by families who didn't have much in the way of money or material possessions but who had given us something far more valuable, their unconditional love. >> reporter: ahead of her speech, san antonio mayor julian castro delivering the keynote address. >> mitt romney just doesn't get it, but barack obama gets it. he understand that, when we unvest in people, we're investing in our shared prosperity. >> reporter: earlier, vice president joe biden and his wife jill arrived in the
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tarheel state. mr.biden will accept the party's nomination for a second term on thursday. president obama wrapped up his four high pressure day tour to swing situates. >> if you're willing to vote for me, we'll within norfolk again. we'll win virginia again. we will win this election. >> reporter: democrats adopted the party platform that calls for higher taxes on the wealthy and backs same-sex marriage. a big night for maryland governor martin o'malley. he took cent are stage to introduce last night's keynote speaker. >> mark plotkin says he could see o'malley taking on a different role during the 2016 presidential campaign. take a hook at when he said last night. >> just a for you moments ago, martin o'malley walked off that stage behind you. a lot of people have been
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speculating he may be a candidate himself in four years. >> may be? tom, not may be. he will be a candidate. you can bet on it. he was very well received and he doesn't mind going after mitt romney, the head of the democratic governor's association. when i asked ike leggett, the chair of montgomery county, where is governor o'malley, he pointed to all the news studios, every one of them. that is where he is. he is doing his audition. >> a bit later, we'll hear what other local leaders told the crowd. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now.
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>> good morning. it is wednesday, september 5th. take a live look outside right now. we'll see what it will feel like later on today. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> before we check in with tucker, we want to tell you about an event that is happening today with dr. oz. he will be at the howard university college of medicine giving free physicals to 1,000 people. >> we do want to pop out that all of today's participants are preregistered so the physicals will be given only to those who have already signed up. do not come down to howard for you were not already selected and notified. our holly morris will be live with dr. oz and the howard team giving the physicals in the 6:00 hour. >> now, just to let you know, we will not be down there. we'll be right here talking approximate the weather. >> i don't know if they'll be waiting outside. that is a lot of people.
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a thousand people. >> i think it will be dry here. before the weather, i want to say hello to one of our 4:30:00 a.m. watcherss itch saw her -- watchers. i saw her yesterday at the annapolis mall. i want to say hello to charlene. >> does she know today is your birthday? >> i didn't mention that. >> happy birthday, tucker barnes. >> here we go. 79 in washington. a gift no me would be slightly cooler and drier air. that is all i ask for. 77 in leonardtown. sat light radar, we're quiet. we do have a weak cold front off to the west. it is bringing a for you showers to western maryland and west virginia. we might see a for you showers the first part of the day. it won't be much cooler and
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drier today but maybe a little better this afternoon as we'll gradually improve and tonight, we'll fall back near 07 instead of 80. gradually improving conditions here. 87 today. still going to be hot and humid with scattered showers or storms then again this morning. >> i like how you are so hopeful, a little better this afternoon. >> wait until you see the seven- day. >> time to take a look at traffic on tucker's birthday j how many candles is that? i ran out of hand -- how many candle is that? >> i ran out of hand. >> charlene mentioned to me, why aren't you nicer to me? >> because it's your birthdayened i'm supposed to respect my elders. >> i don't know about that. >> on the roads right now, if you are traveling southbound kenilworth avenue, lanes are
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open. had the crash on the inner loop of the beltway at route 5, that was tying up all but the left side of the roadway. you can seat roadwork here is forcing everybody over to the right as you travel north of springfield headed up towards braddock road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. the search for a missing man in northern virginia. take a look at this picture. this is 71-year-old david short of alexandria. police say he has been missing since about 9:00 a.m. yesterday when short was report lid going to virginia hospital center in arlington. he is believed to be driving a 2006 silver green honda crv with virginia tags kbk6001. and he may be in the gainesville area of prince william county looking for a relative. the democrats will roll out another who's who list of speakers at the democratic national convention tonight. former president big clinton is among the high profile names. as for last night, the party
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introduced some rising stars that included san antonio mayor julian castro. he set the tone by planning mitt romney as a millionaire who just dent get t the prime time slot went to the first lady, michelle obama and she tried to remind the american people about her husband's values and vision. >> he is the same man who started his career by turning down high-paying jobs and instead working in struggling neighborhoods where a steel plant had shut down, fighting to rebuild those communities and get folks back to work. because for barack, successment about how much money you make. it is about the difference you make in people's lives. 's live >> president obama watched the first lady's speech with sasha and malia. this note owe was actually tape in the treaty room of the white house. >> there is a possible threat to the romney camp in virginia. virgil gude has qualified for
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the ballot. he served as a democrat and independent and then a republican. his name on the ballot could be an obstacle for romney. he is running as the constitutional pear's nominee but he also has support from the independent green party. state republican party is challenging his eligibility. a prominent defense lawyer he weighing in on surveillance video t shows a prince george's county police officer striking a teenager. the officer told his supervisors the 19-year-old as aggressively resisting arrest and the gun went off during the struggle but the video seems to contradict that story. it shows taylor approaching the young man from behind with his gun drawn. the lawyer says he is appalled. >> if this video is authentic and he lied on this young man, that he never wears the badge of a police officer in the
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county or anywhere in the united states or elsewhere. >> the man was hit in the head when the flash of a gun goes off. he spent nearly four months in jail. the officer was indicted last month for allegedly highing about what happened. a former navy seal will be laid to rest at arlington cemetery today. the body of patrick feeks was returned to his hometown of edgewater. today's funeral will be held at the fort myer memorial chapel at 12:45 this affect. his affec - - this afternoon. iphones and ipads under tax. a hacker group claims it stole personal information about
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apple device owners from and fbi laptop. >> reporter: the group calls itself antisec. they are loosely affiliated with the group anonymous. anonymous was the first one to put out the information about the hack of a million devices courtesy of the fbi is what anonymous was saying. we are talking about one million apple i. d. s and the user names connected to them posted on a web site. antise cre. says it got the file by hacking into the laptop of and fbi agent connected to the national cyberforensics and training alliance. that is a nonprofit group of experts that share information on cyberthreats. antisec says the whole file is actually 12 million apple identification numbers and names. the group claims the fbi is ewing it for a tracking people project. if linked with other information such as a name or
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address, the numbers could be used as a way to get to other more sensitive data but just knowing the i. d. number doesn't enable the fbi to track or eavesdrop on people. the fbi is disputing the claim. they said it was totally false. however, they say the bureau never asked for and never possessed this information. but it does bring up the question, if they didn't get it from the fbi, they did get it from somewhere. several organizations have been able to get this information and track it back to real people. apple itself at this point has not commented on the hack. >> scary stuff there this morning. an election day victory rally turns deadly. details of what unfolded in canada as a newly elected leader was delivering a victory speech. >> we are checking more headlines coming up next. h we have
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. shooting at an election victory rally in canada. police arresteded a 50-year-old masked man who allegedly walked into the hall and began firing at quebec's new premier. she was declaring victory. two people were hit. one of them has since died. she was rushed off the stage. officers say the shooter ran outside and is the a small fire behind a building before he was arrested. jurors in drew peterson's murder trial will begin dlib rigs today. the former illinois police officer is facing first degree murder charges in the death of his third wife, kathleen savio. prosecutors say his motive was financial fearing a pending divorce settlement would wipe him out. the defense says the state has no hard evidence. peterson's fourth wife, stacy peterson, disappeared in 2007 and remains missing. emergency officials in louisiana released the first damage estimates in the wake of hurricane isaac. massive piles of soaked furniture and garbage lines the streets in new orleans.
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at least 13,000 homes were damaged in the state, mostly by flooding. some of the low-highing areas are still under water and many others are still without power this morning. neighboring mississippi is also suffering similar damage. area homes left a mess by flood waters four times in two months. it seems to happen just about every time this is a heavy rainfall in one d.c. neighborhood. >> they are pretty frustrated, as can you imagine. now, some people living there are about to get some help. we'll slain that coming up next. another warm and humid start to the day. we've got some changes in the forecast. i'll have the details on the weather. julie wright has a look your traffic too. we'll do it after the break.
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. welcome back to fox 5 morning news, live look outside right now at the u.s. capitol dome. it is not too bad right now. but yesterday, a little bit steamy. >> it is still kind of humid out though. >> it was a little unpleasant. >> i would say really unpleasant for these folks. d.c. water says it will help to pay to install some backflow preventers in homes affected by repeated floods in the district. the device shuts the home off from the street sewage system so sewage does not back up into the house. this comes after heavy rains flooded the bloomingdale neighborhood for the fourth
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time in two months. d.c. water says it will pay 90% of the cost and installation. >> it just seems like there is more to it than that. >> there is water in the streets that just keeps coming up. don't get me wrong. that needs to be done and some help for months home owners but why is it backing up so badly in the streets. >> every time we get a heavy rain, this happens. it has to be frustrating for them. >> we've had heavy rains before and this is like four times in the past two months so you are a like something else must be going on. we'll try to get to the bottom of this. >> we'll put sarah on this. she won't quit until she gets to the bottom of it. >> warm and humid start to the day. the good news is there is an end in sight. a little relief later this afternoon. we have a weak cold front off to the north and west. that will bring in slightly drier air a little later. 79 in washington. again-- here is the deal.
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it is september now and not early july. we should never have temperatures in the upper 70s this early in the morning but sure enough we do. dew point temperature are running in the 70s as well. this is -- dew point temperatures are running in the 70s as well. this is why it feels so huge you had out there. dew point temperatures should fall a little bit later today. this cold front is very weak but i promise it will be a little better than it sounds. there are some showers off to the west. we'll see if those hold together. might be enough for give us a sprinkle or light shower this morning. you can seat frontal system right there. s that gets through, that will be the first in a series of fronts that will come through in. next couple of days. -- if that gets through, that will be the first in a series
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of fronts that will come through. you can see the frontal system right there. today, partly sunny skies. scattered showers and storms. still quite humid out there, particularly the first half of the day. winds out of the south and west at five to 10. the front comes through tonight and make it a little cooler and drier again in stages. 72 the overnight low. here is the fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast. hot for the next couple of days. thursday and friday, we get into the low 90s. saturday and sunday fall back into the 80s with a few showers this weekend. check it out, monday and tuesday, high temperatures only in the mid-70s. overnight lows in the 50s, near 60. i know somebody shaking in her boots. >> today, i'm still wearing open-toed shoes so you got that right. i can just feel the chill, tucker. on the roads, the lanes are
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open stretch -- traveling to and from the wilson bridge. there is the message sign pushing everybody over to the right as you work your way towards braddock road leaving the springfield interchange. construction in the pr being picked up on the beltway from tyson's out towards 66. the lanes are open on 66 leaving 123 headed inbound across the capital beltway. lanes are open southbound along 270. still an easy go coming in from 109 towards clarksburg. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> a dubious milestone for the national debt, topping $$16 trillion we'll tell you what that could mean to you.
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there is a lot of
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speculation surrounding the new iphone 5. the company invited journalists to tend a news conference some san francisco next week which may be when we get the first look at the highly anticipated product. insiders say the new phone will be taller, contain upgrades to both hardware and software and will still include siri. the iphone is expected to go on sale a week or two after it debuts. republicans are hammer president obama on the national debt which has reached a dubious milestone. jim engle takes a look at what those numbers mean to your bottom line. >> reporter: the republican convention fee tarred debt clock but it is during the democratic convention the debt is hitting at sounding figure of $16 trillion. >> it is just another one of those reminders that we are piling on the debt in a dangerous way with no plan to start to bring it back down to a reasonable level. >> it is entirely appropriate that it happened during the democratic national convention. 5.4trillion of the $16 trillion
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in federal debt have happened in the past four years. >> reporter: the $16 trillion debt is being piled on future taxpayers whose current share of the des is now $189,000 per household and growing. >> here is the bottom line. we want to spend a left money. we don't want to pay for it so we are handing that bill to our kids. it is pretty unconscionable and yet that is what it is. >> reporter: for families, analysts say every dollar of the debt is a future tax increase. >> it is a big imposition on their lifestyle. can you forget the vacations and summer camps. >> more debt will be added under president obama than was piled up under every other campaign including bill clinton. >> what is necessary is to stabilize the debt and then work from there. you can't balance the budget in the short term because, to do that, would be to ratchet down
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the economy. >> reporter: the congressional budget office found president obama's 2013 budge woat add $6.4 trillion more in new deficits over the next 10 years which works out to about $54,000 more per household. >> we have to stop spending money we just don't have. we have to cut spending. we got to get this budget deficit under control and get this debt under control. >> reporter: we're paying almost $500 billion a year in interest and that is with rates near zero. no one knows when rates will go up but it is certain they will. in washington, jim engle, fox news. let's switch and talk about sports. coming up next on fox 5 morning news. >> desmond hits this ball high in the air, right center. see you later! >> not one but two local team
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in first place. nats and os hitting their stride. sports breakfast coming up. >> this one is gone! 
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in sports, game two of the series between the nats and cubs. even desmond hit a two-run homer in the first inning. he drove in two more runs with a double in the sebelius and. the nats would hit a record sick home runs including two by adam laroche. they end up pounding the cubs 7 457b. the team go back at it again tonight. -- they end up pounding the cubs 7-5. >> baltimore wins 12-0 despite a little rain. zach britain pitched seven
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scoreless innings. os are tied for first place with the yankees who fell for the rays. i didn't see my man being manny machado in those highlights. >> i think i fell more love for the orioles from tucker than the nats. a message in a bottle washed ashore in satellite beach. >> the woman who found the bottle is trying to track down the person would wrote the message. we have a report. >> reporter: amy neiman hit the sand at satellite beach recently to celebrate. >> we came out if a blue moon party. >> a rarity seen only one every two or three years. >> if i have teen friends all in a circle on the beach with food and drink and we were just waiting for the moon to rise. >> reporter: a great time with no expect taxicab commission of anything unusual. as the party rolled on, amy and her husband took a little stroll down to the water's edge. when they got this, she felt something ump up against her foot so she reached down and
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made perhaps the most surprising discovery of her life. >> i looked down and there is a antibiotic olympic my foot. >> reporter: clear glass encrusted with barnacles. >> i just picked it up and i noticed there was something white inside of t i thought no, this is not a message in the bottle. >> reporter: that is what it was. >> my first thought was somebody needed help. i needed somebody to translate it. it is written to the goddess of the sea. >> reporter: brought to cuba in the old slave trade. the letter even mentions the west after cap country angolaened at writer's son. >> it is a pleading letter to the sea for help or protection. >> reporter: from


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